5 Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Are you currently in the process of designing or renovating your bathroom and seeking inspiration for a modern makeover? Well, here I come to the rescue!

In this blog post, I’ve curated five distinct examples of contemporary bathroom designs that I’ve recently created. These designs range from light and serene, to vibrant or intimate, ensuring there’s something for every taste. Although I don’t like to follow trends per se, nor do I want to place my work in a certain “style” (that’s a discussion for another time), I can tell you that what they all have in common is a clean, modern, let’s say contemporary look.

And yes, they’re all photos of real bathrooms, no renders or AI-generated images (I feel nowadays these have become so real-life-looking that we must state this). And all of them are accompanied with the names of the exact tiles that I used, therefore you can easily find ’em if you want ’em.

These being said, let’s get to the juicy part. Let me know which one is your favourite!

#1. Funky black and white

One of this project’s premises was white. The client wanted lots of white and light colors overall (head over here to see the whole project if you’re curious), combined with wood to warm it up, but they were open to adding black accessories for a strong black-white kind of contrast. Following this train of thought, when I found these black and white tiles from Vives Ceramica, it was love at first sight. And the client loved the proposal instantly as well. Match made in heaven!

Because these tiles take up the whole scene, we wanted something more held back for the walls, so we picked up a mosaic-looking white tile, that gives a discrete texture. We sweetened the monochromatic look with an oak wood vanity, stained a bit darker, topped with a light concrete-grey ceramic countertop.

Tiles used:

#2. Timeless with a blue twist

Wood and white marble-looking tiles: a classical combo that might never go out of style. But to give it some personality, we added the light blue pastel colored herringbone tiles on the vanity wall. The glossy and irregular finish of these tiles reflects light beautifully, making this wall the centerpiece of the bathroom.

Having already used quite a few different textures and shapes, we kept the furniture simple: white and wood, to complement the look.

Tiles used:

Pro tip: we used a light grey grout for the blue tiles, instead of white, for a more uniform look, as the tiles already have color variations themselves.

If you want to see the whole project, click here.

#3. Serene retreat

For this bathroom we wanted warm neutrals and wood, all for a calm, serene look, perfect to unwind after a long day. Actually, the large bathtub – when filled with warm water and bubbles – might be the one doing most of the unwinding, but let me believe it’s my design, hehe.

We picked a light wood-looking tile for the floor and we paired it with a very discreetly textured, sand colored tile for the walls. Add the solid wood vanity with a generous sink, some plants and here’s your little home spa. This whole house follows throughout the same color palette of wood and warm neutrals, you can see it here.

Tiles used:

#4. Green pop

This one is the kids’ bathroom, part of a family house interior design project. We didn’t want a very childish look, but rather we aimed for a more timeless, mature look-and-feel, so that the kids could use the bathroom for years to come.

Therefore, we went with light grey stone-looking tiles for the floor, paired with light grey hexagonal shaped tiles in the bathtub area for a more playful look. However, this much grey could look very dull alone, especially for a kids’ bathroom, so we painted the rest of the walls green, including the cabinet above the toilet. It was an adventure to match the wall paint with the cabinet paint but we prevailed! :))

Tiles used:

Also, the green color code most similar to what we used is NCS S 3010-B90G. 🙂

#5. Coal and wood

Last but not least, a small but sleek bathroom design in a young man’s apartment. Don’t worry, the apartment has a 2nd bathroom with shower, but I picked this one as an example to show you not to be afraid of using dark colors in a small space. 🙂

This bathroom is located in the middle of the apartment, with no windows whatsoever and tiny footprint. However, we went bold with it! Dark tiles the color of coal and dark paint, contrasting with the warm oak veneer of the furniture, dark grey toilet and sink and black tap. The large mirror gives more sense of space and I avoided using handles for the furniture, to obtain a more minimal, clean look.

Tiles used:

Well, you know that old saying: “that’s all, folks!”

Hope you liked them and found some inspiration for your bathroom design. Tag me on Instagram if you use any of these looks – I’d love to see how it turns out!