Moonlight Apartment / Oradea, Romania / 2022

Loved the challenge to design this interior for a new apartment located in Oradea, Romania: darker grey tones, wood finishes, sleek, clean look, LED lights, but still keep it homey.

The first design gesture we did here was to “hide” one of the bathrooms and most of the main storage space with the help of dark grey panels, taking the shape of a cube centered in the core of the apartment. All the other functional spaces (kitchen, dining, living room, hallway and bedrooms) revolve around this center.

The main attraction is actually the TV area – the owner loves movies and gaming so everything was designed around this theme: lots of exposed shelving for games, movies, figurines and other related stuff, discreet LED lights for a twist, as well as a large comfy couch for friends to gather over at a movie night. We threw in a strong colored rug in line with the theme both to draw the eye to this area, but also to break up the grey & wood monotony a bit.

We kept the same dark grey & wood palette throughout every room, but in different tones and textures. Both bathrooms feature dark grey stone looking tiles. The white LED light in the shower that softly washes the wall and highlights the stone tiles resembles the pale moon light – hence the name of this project.

Instead of table lamps, we equipped the bedroom with LED lights. But here the dressing area turned out to be my favourite feature due to the glass door wardrobes. We decided to do only a few doors with transparent glass – you know, in case you’re not always in the mood to keep everything tidy.

Custom furniture: Saramob

Bathroom wall ceramic tiles: Novambient

Floor ceramic tiles: Spazio Ideea

Bathroom walls paint: Benjamin Moore

Wood floors in the bedroom: Mafi