Garden Oasis House / Oradea, Romania / 2023

Inspired from nature through the use of wood & stone textures and an overall neutrally warm & light colour palette, we tried to obtain a soothing, peaceful ambience with the help of interior design for this house overlooking a soon-to-be lovely garden (hence – the “garden oasis” name) in Oradea, Romania. My bet is that we succeeded, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 🙂

Also, fun fact! The bathroom under the stairs is the tiniest bathroom I designed so far! It has around 90 cm width and 1,80 cm length and a sloped ceiling that bites into the interior volume. We’ve had a lot of debate with the owners on whether to keep it or just use that space for storage stuff. As the house is pretty decent in storage spaces, the final decision was to keep the bathroom. Despite its tiny size it is functional. And its position at the center of the ground floor, nearby the entrance, is perfect for guest use or when you just need to quickly wash your hands when arriving home.

Anyways, I’ll let you enjoy the photo and discover the project yourself. 🙂

Bathroom tiles: Novambient


Livingroom rug: