Sunny Side Up House / Oradea, Romania / 2021


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Right at the end of 2021 we completed this clean, contemporary house interior design for a young couple in Oradea, Romania.

The house is bathed in natural light (it’s where it draws its name from!), so my aim with this interior design project was to enhance the beautiful light coming into the space by using only bright neutral tones. In order to provide the warm, homey feeling the clients desired, we balanced all these neutrals with wood textured floors and furniture touches.

The kitchen was designed for maximum efficiency and with plenty of storage space (the owners like to cook and have people over), while the living room and dining areas quietly complete the open space with their simplicity. Actually, “simplicity” might be the word that best describes the approach we had throughout the whole interior design process.

We kept this clean and cohesive look throughout the whole house – including the bedroom and the bathrooms; and when the midday sun sneaks inside this home, it makes us think we’re actually somewhere in rural Spain (or maybe it’s just me dreaming for a Spanish holiday).

Interior doors: Bim Wood

Bathroom & kitchen ceramic tiles: Novambient

Sofa: Divanissimi

Curtains: Perdele Londres