Winter Morning House / Oradea, Romania / 2023

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It was a cold winter morning when I visited this house for the first time to assess the situation. A white empty canvas waiting to be transformed into a welcoming home.

All my projects start with first getting to know the owners: what they like, how they live and not just what they think they want. I imagined the interior design for this house around the idea of family and calmness, using a lot of neutrals combined with wood textures.

The house was bought already built and the first improvement we did was to the layout. The entrance was directly in the living room area and we moved it in a more logical position, where previously was a useless empty hallway near the staircase. In the place of the entrance we positioned the work-from-home office as 2 small desk nooks, perfectly isolated from the living room area, while still keeping direct connection.

The flow throughout the house was therefore greatly improved: you enter the house in a spacious enough hallway that distributed the space towards the kitchen, ground floor bathroom and under the stairs storage, the living room area and upstairs towards the bedrooms.

The kitchen features an island with 3 seats, perfect for having freshly homemade bread while chatting (I tested it, hehe) and a designated coffee corner.

From the kitchen there’s a direct connection with the living room, where we placed the formal dining area. The long empty wall was the perfect location for a large bookcase combined with closed spaces for a bar storage, documents and all the other little things that we tend to never have enough space where to hide them.

Lastly, the upstairs follows the same feeling of calmness, with simple and relaxing bedroom and master bathroom. There’s also quite a long hallway on the 1st floor which unfortunately was too narrow to permit a window reading nook (my first intention when I saw it), so we opted for a few decorative shelving (also acting as the perfect hiding place for the ironing board) and maybe a bean bag in the future.