Olive Spring House / Oradea, Romania / 2021

Truth is, most times it takes a long time from the first line you draw until an interior design project is ready to be photographed. Unless you do a full styling session right before the photoshoot, very often clients will leave the last details for later (heck, the apartment I live in is still a work in progress after 4 years!).

The owners of this house, a young couple in Oradea (Romania), had to move in quickly, so we never got the time to polish the last bits and pieces. Which is why, if you’re really picky, you’ll spot a thing or two in the photos below that are not 100% finished (won’t tell you which ones). But the moment you set foot in this house, it feels like home!

Super cozy, calm and bright (you know how much I love a house bathed in natural light!).

The starting element of the interior design process was the large bookcase and the reading nook at the window (any other book lovers around here?), which we decided to stay clear of any striking colors and textures and do in an off white instead for a light look (the books and decor elements already come in a variety of colors and shapes).

We picked a warm oak for the floors, dining table and coffee table, whereas for the storage chest we picked a darker oak stain (more of a walnut shade) to break the monotony.

The kitchen follows the rest of the house: quite modern, yet with a few traditional and rustic details here and there; I could very well see it in a new home somewhere in rural Spain. Favorite spot? The coffee corner! Plus, I love how the light olive green shade of the furniture turned out.

As for the bathrooms, we kept them simple, serene and timeless, inspired from nature with ceramic tiles that mimic wood and stone.

This project has very similar vibes to another one I am currently working on, Sunny Side Up House, so make sure you check that one too. Although they’re a bit different in style (Sunny Side Up is more modern, even a tiny bit minimalistic), I’m sure you’ll spot the similarities in the overall look (the abundance of sun light in both homes surely helps too!).

Furniture custom made by Eva Rist.

Dining table, coffee table, hallway mirror and barndoor by Kenosis Design.

Ceramic tiles from Novambient.

Dining chairs by Duval Furniture.

Interior doors by Bim Wood.