Grey Forest Apartment / Oradea, Romania / 2020

The clients, a young couple from Oradea (Romania), wanted to transform their new apartment into a functional, modern and relaxing home.

Light grey & white were the starting points for the color palette throughout the apartment, but we introduced a few touches of wood to warm it up and some dark grey & black accents to add contrast.

The kitchen door has a very unfortunate position right in front of the sofa, so we decided to integrate it in the TV furniture, in order to make it blend in seamlessly. Therefore, we obtained a functional wall (you can never have too many storage spaces!) and hid the kitchen entrance.

And I’m in love with how the bedroom wall turned out: the combo between the beautiful wallpaper (custom made with the help of the guys from Photowall; we provided the illustration and the required wall dimensions and they produced the wallpaper) and the wood planks (with a grey undertone) on each side.