Attic Makeover: From Clutter to a Tidy Closet

In the previous blog post I showed you a house makeover project I did back in 2020 in Oradea, Romania, which was implemented over the course of a few months, due to the pandemic. Well, the attic makeover I’m presenting today is part of that same project and it’s the last piece of the puzzle, if I may call it so.

Finally completed last month, this attic was a complete mess and the hardest part to get done. For years, it became the storage place for all things rarely used around the house (like Christmas decorations, winter shoes and clothes, skates, chairs, old books…) and these things just kept accumulating, as they do.

Here’s a before picture, taken during the initial process of cleaning up the space, with only about half of the things covering up the floor.

I was in charge of designing a storage area suited about 80% for clothes and shoes and the rest for all the other things that need a place in the attic.

The costs also had to be kept to a minimum, so we decided to keep the wooden plank floor (not ideal because it’s not perfectly straight and levelled, but at least it looks good as texture and color). And we painted the walls and ceiling white. Also supplemented the existing lighting with adjustable spotlights from IKEA.

For the storage itself, I also went all white and added a touch of contrast through the black handles.

The attic is 10 metres long and is accessed through an attic door with staircase positioned on one side. Therefore, I used the whole length on the other side for equal wardrobe modules with hanger bars. At both ends, being restricted by the position of the windows, I placed lower furniture modules with drawers or doors.

On the side with the attic door, the storage area could not be continuous, so I broke it in two.

On one end, along with a hanger bar module and a drawer one, there are four extractable modules with shelves for shoes. On the opposite end, another two storage modules with doors, but this time with shelving for boxes and various other things. Both these areas have extra access behind them through “hidden” doors (because it would have been useless to stretch the interior of the storage to the whole depth of the attic, I just left that space empty for things like tires).

Right behind the entrance, there’s an empty area for chairs.

And I’m head over heels for the rugs (they’re from benuta), I feel they complement perfectly the place and add more warmth and personality. They also help a bit with hiding the floor imperfections.

And this is pretty much it! From the cluttered space it was before, this attic is much more useful now, tidier, cleaner and also easier to keep in order.

Let me know if you’ve done something similar in your home, I’m curious how it turned out!