Garden View Kitchen / Hateg, Romania / 2019

This kitchen project was done in 2019 but due to life happening and the pandemic hitting us hard, it was only this year (2021) that I finally had the chance to photograph it.

I was happy to finally see it completed in real life (I worked remote for it) and happy to see the design was still looking good and in trend. Although I always try to create timeless and functional projects that will pass the test of time, you never know how the client’s taste will change or how they decide to transform their home over years.

Here wasn’t the case, but I have to confess the countertop is not that empty in real life 😉

The kitchen itself is not very big and the client was set on having an island, no matter how small. So we pushed the standard dimensions a little bit, to be able to place an island that would extend the working area and have two chairs on the other side for quick breakfast or a chit-chat while cooking. Honestly, I was a bit nervous it won’t work out well, but it did! The tiny island has become the center spot for friends gathering over a glass of wine, main cooking area, breakfast for two, or other leisure activities like painting or drawing. Standing at the island you also get a lovely garden view and, far away in the background, the mountains.